Madame O & Ihre Kopffilmbande LP(Future Jam Edition ___ / 200) 2014

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MADAME O & Ihre Kopffilmbande (MSV Projekt)

"Wunderhübsche Mädchen schmeißen LSD Trips im Kindergarten"
fjam 005 LP 33rpm

cosmic psychedelik project 1st time on vinyl

1   Wunderhübsche Mädchen Schmeissen LSD Trips Im Kindergarten 10:42   2   Schaltkreis Der Störung 16:32   3   Suppentopf 8:12   4   HarmonienderSelbst 27:03

fjam 004 EP 33rpm

unreleased cuts from upcoming future jam 21 years mixtape including "far away" a spoken word project beyond afrikan darkness written by Togo´s own prince Akongo


Antonio Ocasio "Merengue after midnight"
Juju Christian "just feel" (lost & found mix) 
fjam 003  12inch 45/33 rpm

double A-side release only available for members.produced by ¡WEPA! tribals winds Antonio Ocasio
b/w Juju Christian´s lost & found mix from late 90ies "feel good" sessions -for those who know

Diephuis "Inside me" (original+instrumental long dub)
fjam 002 12inch 45rpm

Djs secret treasure heavily played from NY basements to balearic cosmic dancefloors full support by Manoo, Joaquin Claussel, Jephte Guillaume, Jeff Mills

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Andrew Liles (Current 93,UK) unreleased
Ash Ra / Manuel Göttsching unreleased edit
Henrik Schwarz unreleased
Clarence Reid / Blowfly unreleased "private party"
Sun Ra b/w Carl Craig "Innerzone Arkestra"(Detroit) Live EP 33rpm
Giancarlo Toniutti unreleased Field Recording 2007
Jephte Guillaume unreleased mixes
Voice of Eye Live EP



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