Close Circuit Connection - Various Album Vinyl (Minimal Maximal)

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"Close Circuit Connection" very nice electro/wave compilation (Minimal Maximal)Vinyl LP
compiled by Dirk Ivens
including hard to find and unreleased tracks from The Neon Judgement, Luc van Acker, à;GRUMH..., The Arch, Insekt, Liquid G., Parade Ground, The Klinik, A Split-Second, Vita Noctis and Suicide Commando.
Limited edition of 520 hand numbered copies.
A1 Insekt – Subway89
A2 Parade Ground – Entertain Me
A3 à GRUMH... – S-B A4 Vita Noctis – My Favorite Waste Of Time
A5 Suicide Commando – Batman's Crime
A6 A Split-Second* – Hunger V2
B1 The Klinik Belfast
B2 The Arch Do It On Friday
B3 Luc Van Acker – When The Good Turns To Bad
B4 Liquid G. – Regression B5 The Neon Judgement– Sweet Revenge (Live)