TRAX DVD 25th Anniversary

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TRAX Records DVD Chicago The 25th Anniversary CollectionTracklist: 01. Chuck Roberts “In the Beginning” 02. Two Of A Kind “Happiness” 03. Jamie Principle and Frankie Knuckles “It’s A Cold World” 04. Mr. Lee “I Can’t Forget” 05. Jungle Wonz “Time Marches On” 06. Housemaster Boyz “Trax You Lost” 07. Virgo “Do You Know Who You Are?” 08. Hula “Hot Hands” 09. Hercules “Lost In The Groove” 10. DJ Rush “Help” 11. Ralphi Rosario “You Used to Hold Me 2011” vocal by Screamin’ Rachael 12. George Clinton and Screamin’ Rachael “Our House Is Funkatified” 13. Hip That House” featuring Bloodties