Juju Christian / Henrik Schwarz zeppelin recordings 09 / 12inch

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back in stock double A side 12inch Vinyl!

you want a record that´s deep with a smidgeon of latin seasoning but then you want a record that´s soulful,but has a tech-house aesthetic.What a hungry dj to do? why not wend your indecisive way to dancetracks and ask of the helpful sales folks to pull you the new tune featuring german producers Henrik Schwarz and Juju Christian (Treuter)? Juju is goes for a deep sexy vibe with a hint of latin flavour to tease the palate,whole leaving you satisfdied.Schwarz offers up a lightly seared with a lingering aftertaste.Mmmmm ,quélle delicious! If ever culinary methaphors were appropriate when writing about meaty records,the´re relevant here...(dance tracks,new york)

Henrik Schwarz "for jeff" (a tribute to Jeff Mills)
Juju Christian "feel good" (a tribute to Dexter Wansell)