DARK NEW YORK (Gotham City's Post Punk, Goth, & Deathrock Bands 1983-1988) Vol. 1 (LP) Vinyl

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A1 Scarecrow – Blood In My Dreams
A2 Scarecrow  – Mother's Crawling
A3 Scarecrow – Concrete Is My Pillow
A4 Of A Mesh – C.I.T. A5 Of A Mesh – Burning Bride

B1 Of A Mesh – Candy (Is An Axe Now)
B2 Naked and the Dead, The – Taboo
B3 Naked and the Dead, The – The Gate
B4 Naked and the Dead, The – Godfather Grimorie
B5 Children's Zoo, The – Back Of The Boat
B6 Ochrana, The – Turnabout
B7 Concrete Witchdoctors – Public Flesh