Arthur Russell "World of Echo" 2LP Audika

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Out of print for over fifteen years, Arthur Russell's most extraordinary work, "World Of Echo" is issued for the first time. Newly remastered from Arthur's pristine original 1/4" sequenced masters, "World Of Echo" sounds like nothing you have heard or will ever hear. 18 tracks are featured including drumless versions of his Disco classics "Let's Go Swimming", "Tree House" and "Wax The Van" along with four previously unreleased tracks from "Sketches From World Of Echo".
"This was a guy who could sit down with a cello and sing with it in a way that no one on this Earth has ever done before, or will do so again." - PHILLIP GLASS

1. Tone Bone Kone 1:04
2. Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun/Let's See 9:35
3. Answers Me 2:10
4. Being It 5:16
5. Place I Know/Kid Like You 3:28
6. She's The Star/I Take This Time 4:56
7. Treehouse 2:15
8. See-Through 2:09
9. Hiding Your Present From You 4:16
10. Wax The Van 2:10
11. All-Boy All-Girl 3:43
12. Lucky Cloud 2:53
13. Tower Of Meaning/Rabbit's Ear/Home Away From Home 4:37
14. Let's Go Swimming 2:41
15. The Name Of The Next Song 8:00
16. Happy Ending 4:23
17. Canvas Home 2:34
18. Our Last Night Together